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April, 08 2010

Show appreciation

This is a serious business tip --

So many people have their noses to the grindstone that they seem to be forgetting to show appreciation in new, different, and sincere ways to their staffs, customers, clients, vendors, whomever.

This is not new.

I just know that the appreciator feels as good as the appreciatee when it happens.

When times are tough, we focus on all of the hard skills that we have learned. We become more "earnest" every minute.

How about taking a thank-you break? Take a minute and let some poor unsuspecting soul know you like something he/she did, thought, or contributed. Become good at this. Of course, be utterly sincere and that's easy too -- we have so much to be grateful for and so many touch our lives each and every day. Make it a practice to be thinking of how you can make someone else feel better about their day. I so hope we will all find ways to improve in this area.

March, 16 2010

passion and persistence

Persistence and passion. Those two qualities are linked in business. It's just plain true -- pure and simple. Ordinary people who are persistent and passionate become extraordinary. We see it all the time. If one is passionate without being persistent, it's not likely that the results he/she wants will come. If one is persistent but not passionate, it is difficult to keep on keepin' on.

I'm not sure that either can be faked. They come from a place deep within and the authenticity of the two of them seems to be exceptionally important.

What should you do if one or the other is missing? I was asked that question recently and I know that in these tough economic and political times, it is easy to loose one's "juice." I don't know of any one way to find it but I do know that if it has gone south, we want to ask for it to come back. We may not know how it's going to happen but just that it is necessary.

Seek to find your passion and persist in implementing your dream. That's a wonderful life.

February, 16 2010


I had a client talk to me the other day about the activities of one of her competitors. She was representing a client against a group and the other team was acting in a rude, hostile and "take-no-prisoners" way -- they appeared to have few if any scruples. She was torn about how to handle the situation because, in her heart of hearts, she wanted to be nice, accommodating and congruent with her values and beliefs but she also wanted to make sure her clients' interests would be presented fairly in the hearing.

While it is extremely important to always be true to yourself, sometimes we have to behave in ways that are very hardhearted. Oh, how I wish it wasn't so!

We don't ever have to take advantage of another person or situation but we also have to acknowledge that no one can take advantage of us. I believe that we should try to work all conflicts out in a win-win way but sometimes we must protect ourselves and our clients and that may mean acting in ways that are quite alien to our make-up.

Opportunities to learn exist in all situations. My client is struggling with this dilemma and she is resisting the tug of war. I know for sure that struggle, burden, resistance only shut us down. Aikido techniques, which often teach us to go along with the attack until we can circle around with a winning strategy, are called upon and they will occur to us only when we recognize that the end result is vital and that it takes all of our creativity to achieve the score.

January, 29 2010


I have made "completing" my New Year's Resolution. I talk to many people and I can often painfully assess a few of my own issues and "not" completing is one of many of our great problems. (Mind you, I hide the fact that I'm not completing something by changing a goal or watering it down -- it's still NOT completing.) You can only fool yourself part of the time -- time to come clean: What have you been putting off completing?

A reason that we leave things incomplete is because we are afraid of not measuring up or we adapted a lifelong pattern because it served us when we were young. Trust me -- incompleteness does not serve us as functioning human adults. We need to get in there and finish our projects and if it doesn't measure up -- so be it -- we can continue to make it better ONLY when it is done and we have something to judge.

Join me. Make this year a year to not only set goals but find one that may have been hanging out there for a while and bring it to a satisfying close.

Each time we complete, we send a positive message to ourselves. It could be: -- we have the guts to bring things to a conclusion/ -- we have boldness, courage and persistence; -- we take risks; -- we understand where true satisfaction lies.

Yep...make it happen!

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