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January, 08 2010


Motivation is a word that we hear more than usual at this time of year -- it seems that everyone thinks that we need to be motivated -- motivated to eat better, motivated to exercise more, motivated to de-clutter, motivated to organize, motivated to change one behavior or another. I'm here to tell you right now that if it worked to be motivated we would all be thin, fit, tidy, organized and extremely successful. Motivation is an industry that hasn't worked and yet it still marches along as if it had. In fact the results of recent motivating techniques for weight loss alone are a dismal failure -- the rate of obesity has doubled in the last five years and more than a third of the country is dangerously in that category (not merely fat but OBESE.)
Let's stop paying the motivational gurus. They give us coaches and consultants a bad name by the way.
Change comes not only from attitude and desire but from techniques. Change requires a system.
To begin with, know what you want and then break it down into manageable parts. Start small. I am admittedly a yoga addict and I've been doing yoga for many years but I had gotten away from it and when I started back, I signed up for two classes a week. As my love of the practice kicked in, I gradually increased the number of times I went and now (3 years later) I look forward to five classes a week and I might find ways to add to that.
Change can be begun by us -- make a nice small effort -- and then it's organic and grows as we do. I know this for sure.

December, 01 2009

Tiger -- I just don't care.

It's your life. Thank heavens you didn't hurt yourself or someone else but other than that, driving your car into a fire hydrant and tree are just none of my business. I DON'T CARE!

Here's my rub...I don't want anyone else to care either. I am upset with the silliness of a great majority of the population and especially the media. They need to learn that this is none of their business. To EVERYONE who wants to know about Tiger and what happened that night -- GET A LIFE!!!!

How much do you concern yourself with what is happening to others and how little do you take responsibility for your own actions and thoughts?

This is an important question and we should query ourselves more often about our own actions and worry less what someone else is doing. I know that it is sometimes easier for me to think about the activities of a politician or newsmaker than it is to make some small effort that would improve my work, my communication with a family member, or ME.

Yes, I love entertainment. I am in awe of Tiger Woods, the extraordinary golfer and athlete. I am happy for him that he is doing well financially and I hope against hope that he has a well-balanced and happy life. PERIOD...

Let's live our own best lives and let the rich and famous do the best they can in living their own.

November, 13 2009

Ellen on the Cover of O

I am writing about this because of the significance of the choice to join Oprah on the cover of her magazine that Ellen made about a year ago. It seems that she picked something that she wanted that she thought was nearly impossible to achieve. At the point that she started talking about the O cover, no one but Oprah had ever been on the cover before. (Unbeknownst to Ellen, Oprah had invited the First Lady to join her on the cover.)

Why should Oprah have Ellen on her cover? I cannot think of one logical reason -- they have rival (sort of) talk shows, they aren't friends, Ellen isn't someone you would think of as a cover girl for an O magazine. But Ellen thought that it was a far out goal and she wanted to make it happen. AND SHE DID!

Thank you Ellen. I have learned a tremendous amount about myself and where I usually fall short on setting my goals really high by thinking about you and your goal. The slogan for my website is "Think Big, Do Big, Be Big." I guess they were words that I decided to apply only to my colleagues and clients but maybe not to myself because I often stop before "BIG" is achieved. While the earth would not stop rotating if Ellen didn't achieve her goal, it mattered to her and this month she is on the cover of "O" and she has demonstrated to the world that the impossible can happen. Your impossible can happen too. I hope you will re-think what you are assuming you can't have or be because you can have and be anything you set your mind to...go for it.

October, 28 2009


It's almost halloween and I'm spooked all right. The world seems to be going crazy -- is it the blogging or the 24/7 news cycle or cable generally? People seem down right manic much of the time. What are they doing to themselves and to each other. Cool heads need to prevail. We need to watch old Marx Brothers movies or something light and funny to get our perspective back.

Life is supposed to be way more fun than it seems at the moment.

Did you know that you can't be angry and laugh at the same time? Did you know that scientists have actually found that smiling changes your physiology? Do you realize how much you control the content of what comes into your life?

I seem to be forgetting this latter point myself. I have great books on my shelves that beg to be read or re-read that will transport me to beautiful places. I have music and art that could distract me.

My commitment is to learn, live and love with all the passion that I can muster for the time that I have here on earth. Yours?

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