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October, 14 2009

Customer Service -- Arggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh

Doesn't anyone care anymore? I have just had my latest bout with SunTrust Bank, which seems totally uncaring about keeping long-term customers. I have never bounced a check. I keep a hefty deposit in my money market account, but they just don't care. They'll charge me money for the dubious distinction of keeping MY money in their bank.

I heard from a colleague this morning that her insurance company has finally decided [u]after 10 months [/u]that she is eligible for a surgical procedure on her back, which will greatly reduce her pain. Up until this injury, she hardly any claims at all. How dare they?

It's just a little past noon. I'll probably hear more or experience more thoughtlessness before the day is done.

When will it end? Large companies were caught with their pants down. They were unethical, greedy, irresponsible and thoughtless for a decade and then the economy tubed and much of what they did was uncovered. BUT...nothing has changed, has it?

I heard about some poor guy, who bounced his first check EVER because he was $.27 overdrawn. The fees were staggering from his bank and the establishment's bank etc. 27 CENTS! Where was the official in the bank who could help him with that. How do these people sleep at night when they won't reverse something like this.

Where is customer SERVICE? We must do better and we must demand more.

September, 28 2009

Assume opportunity exists

We have become accustomed to hearing bad news and even though we don't intend for it to, it affects how we feel about opportunity. It closes us down to possibility. I know for a fact about a number of businesses that are having their best year ever and about others that are having a great time when others are spewing doom and gloom. What are they doing?

1. They see (and seek) solutions.

2. They play the "What-if" game and imagine potential.

3. I have been writing about the importance of withholding judgement for a long time. If we just see our reality without defining it, it is the first step in arriving at some action steps. It's important not to judge the solutions or the situation. I say..."it is what it is!" Go from there.

4. Don't edit when you are brainstorming -- put it all on the table and play with the pieces.

5. Know your strengths.

6. Get excited. Enthusiasm is a wonderful tool.

7. Prepare to amaze.

We all know of the stories where people have done all of these. It isn't magic -- it's commitment to the process and a belief in ourselves. GO for it!!!!

September, 07 2009

Let's Listen to Each Other

I have been astoninshed at the people who don't want their children to hear the president of the United States. My parents weren't real Truman fans but they were thrilled when I had the opportunity to hear him. I was definitely not a Ronald Reagan supporter but I wouldn't have considered not sending my children to school the day he addressed them. Are you kidding? For better or worse, Reagan was our president and so was George H.W. Bush and Dubya. A certain amount of respect for the office please?!

It's curious to me that it's the people on the "Right" who value the 2nd amendment so much but they don't seem to have any respect for the First amendment anymore.

Those parents need to make room for a different perspective. When they do that, they will get even closer to their children and they will have opinions that matter more because of their willingness to listen to the other side.

Conservatism isn't bad -- it's just another opinion and it's not mine but I listen hard and try to understand.

I'm a progressive and I'm proud of it and I want to go on record saying that the current rhetoric about not allowing children in school to hear the president, the misinformation about Health Care Reform and the international situation is NOT helpful for anyone.

Cool it!

September, 01 2009

The ants are winning

Damn -- little teeny tiny specks of nearly nothing -- the smallest littlest pests I've ever seen -- No matter what I do, they come back. My house stinks from the bug spray, which cannot be good for my lungs. I can't leave a glass of water out without worry that somewhere there will be an ant around it. They make my skin crawl. I'm not having anyone over to dinner. I make the dog eat quickly because not anything can be left out for more than a second. They are attracted by water for heavens sake but there in the kitchen where there is always food -- am I tainting my food????

What's my point? It's about my struggle. It's about how this little thing has absorbed so many thoughts. It's about how ineffective I have been.

Bingo to all three!

I am really not in control and all I need to remind me of this is the most miniscule thing you could imagine.

It's past the time where I need to let go. I will either learn to cohabitate (is that a word?) with the insects or I won't.

It's a reminder that there is always something out there that can have a winning hand and I can use my intelligence, talents, and, yes, even charm in ways that are far suitable than trying to bring down the ant population.

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