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August, 23 2009


This has been a day -- everything has gone wrong in my opinion and I am frustrated and unhappy about petty little things that have seemingly ruined my day. This too shall pass and I've tried to right my ship but nothing seems to be working. I'm miserable so leave me alone in my misery. How I wish I didn't have days like this. I must admit that I don't have many -- that doesn't mean that everything goes perfectly smoothly all the time -- hardly. It means that I usually handle the natural disturbances of life with a certain amount of equanimity but not today!

Today I am basking in the unfairness of life. I suppose I'll do that until I don't do it anymore.

Here's what I hope...I hope that this day will provide me with a better understanding of those who are depressed and frequently feel this morose. I hope that I find a thought or thoughts, which will lift me out of this black cloud and then I can use that experience in the future. I hope that I'm learning something important. I hope that I can be grateful for this moment at some point. I hope that I will appreciate circumstances when everything is falling into place.

And here's what I hope most of all...I hope you are having a great day. I hope you have a series of great days. I want to send my energy to everyone who ever reads this and let them I am thinking of you and I hope your life at this moment is as pleasant as possible. And, if it's not, I want you to know that I am willing to talk to you and help you in any way I can.

Because that's the only thing that's important and I know that. No matter my funk, I have people that I can connect with and they can always connect with me.

Hmmmmmm. I might be feeling better already.

August, 06 2009

The Truth is Simple

I've been complicating most issues lately because I just don't like the simple truth. Have you ever done that? I know what I'm dealing with but I throw in so many "what-if's" and past trivialities and "pie-in-the-sky" that instead of conjuring options, I hold solutions at a distance. Accepting the truth isn't always easy but it usually is simple. I REALLY know how to muddy up the water and it doesn't do me any good at all.

The answer to this dilemma is:
1) write down what you know (think) the truth is
2) brainstorm on ways to handle it
3) pick out one or two of the ideas that you've written down and begin implementing those

TURN off the brain-confuser. Yes, you and I can. Go back to the paper -- K.I.S.S. -- Keep It Simple Stupid.

In any given week or month, we will have a choice -- to stew over some problem or streamline our actions based on what we view as our reality.

Just knowing that we have choices is a plus. Just doing something makes a huge difference. Willing to give this a go?

July, 21 2009

Watering Your Garden

Have you noticed that in most places, one of summer's requirements is watering. When I lived in the mid-Atlantic region, my vegetables were one of my priorities and I would be out quenching their thirsty souls early in the morning and later in the day. They rewarded with me delicious fruits and vegetables. Since I have moved to the Southwest, I have flowers and beautiful bushes and fruit trees as well as some cactus and even though I have a nifty irrigation system, I still need to water.

Seasons invite us to do different activities. We hardly notice the changes because we become familiar with them but we readily adjust to the difference in light, temperature, and other requirements without much thought. Wouldn't it be nice if we handled change in other areas of our lives as easily as we handle seasons? We fall into routines and we may hold onto them long after they serve us. Or we do something that may have been required at one period of our lives but it no longer is necessary. We become resistant to change.

I invite you to look at your schedules. I invite you to analyze how and what you do. It doesn't mean that you will necessary be changing anything but it may bring you a new awareness and a different appreciation of your present.

It is helpful to be sure that you are watering your garden for all the right reasons.

June, 17 2009

Do You

This is about being authentic. Sometimes our truth is lost. Well-meaning influences tend to want the best for us and that may mean that we don't follow our own best advice as often as we like. I'm hear to write -- let's stop that! We each have brilliance that is itching to make its way out. One way to find it if you think it's being hidden is to imagine what you loved in your early memories -- that contains many clues. Then, get in touch with your "Inner Knower" -- trust your decisions, make some mistakes, follow your own advice. No one knows like you do!

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