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June, 02 2009

Looking ahead

I recently went to my 50th College Reunion -- 77 classmates out of the original 225 attended, which I think is a great representation of a dedicated group of women. We had a raucously good time laughing and crying at so many memories. Those days defined us in many ways and so it's no surprise that this many years later going back to the campus and meeting old friends stir up emotion. I'm glad for the experience and I was glad that we only had a couple of days reminiscing because though that time is important, there is no time like the present. I left there to visit my granddaughter -- she and her friends think so much about the future. THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE's the richness of the moment that we want to savor. It's living in the now. I appreciate the juxatoposition of the two occasions to remind me that our connection to living in the present is all that we really have. It's in the now that we experience the joy of life. Too much of the short time that we have on this planet is spent on worrying about our future or regretting something in our past. Where are we right here and now? Just a reminder...Enjoy NOW...

May, 05 2009

Time of Invention

"People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success."
Norman Vincent Peale

This is a time of invention. Many, if not most, of us find ourselves dealing with business, financial or social situations, which are new to us and everyone. We must make it up as we go along because what we have known no longer applies in this economy and in this very second in time. Truth to tell, this is probably how it has been always but we tended to believe and to trust too heavily in scholars, pundits, well-educated and well-trained leaders to guide us. I respect those who have worked and studied hard but I know now to listen and not to blindly trust what they say. I love education but I think we should see it as a taking-off point not as a demonstration of what is absolute.

We have to inspect who we follow. Many people were eager to follow financial investors, who promoted hedge funds, derivatives, and risky deals because it all sounded so good. Millions of people are on Twitter following people who can say nearly anything that sounds good but it might not be.

If a little more skepticism is one of the things that comes out of all that the uncertainty and confusion of this past year, it will be good. We must learn to become more attuned to our own instincts -- listen to our own intuition -- and sense what our "inner-knower" is leading us towards. It may not be easy but it is the secret of success.

April, 21 2009

Follow UP!

Please, please, remember to close the loop when you are doing business with one, two or three or more people. I have had the experience recently where memos, e-mails and appointments were just dropped without word. It has never been EASIER to circle around and make sure that everyone is on the same page but I am stunned by how few people do their follow up and further how many times communication is ended without satisfaction and completion.

Here are two examples. I was asked to do some coaching at a certain time. I couldn't do it at the requested time but I said I could do it at another time. I never heard back as to whether that was acceptable or not so, of course, I e-mailed and found out that I wasn't needed. That's fine but I would have preferred to not be hanging even for a little while if my services weren't required.

I had set up an appointment with a couple of people. The other two decided that they couldn't make it at the time we had agreed on and no one e-mailed or phoned me to let me know.

I am afraid that we are losing common courtesy. The most professional way to do business is always to check and re-check and be sure that your instructions are understood, that communication is clarified and that everyone has agreed to the same thing. It couldn't be easier to do this and it is really important!

April, 09 2009

Too Much Preaching

I'm a bit upset with the amount of "preaching" that is going on. Bloggers, writers, consultants and coaches -- we all seem to be giving instructions and I think it's gotten out of hand. I'm not sure that any of us can be sure of anything at this time. There's a whole lot of stuff that no one knows and it may be time to just say that -- I don't know... we don't know. I'm thrilled that there are smart people in Washington, who are trying to figure out some practical stuff, and mostly I'm excited that they care so deeply. To my mind, that counts for a lot. Uncharted territory is not a bad thing though it can be uncomfortable. We're being stirred up and I have the belief that I'm going to be just fine when the dust settles. While the world is changing, what is important to me isn't. Love, peace, truth, honesty -- that's what matters to me and I rejoice in this time and this place.

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