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February, 20 2009


Imagine no limits to what you can achieve. Please do this...

When you begin to do this, you might notice that you see obstacles in your future. I'm not asking you to work out any barriers. What the statement says is just that you imagine that you have no limits to what you can achieve. Does it help you to want more? GOOD if it does.

Many people spend waaaaaaay too much time looking at their to-do list and not enough enough time with the big picture. Sure we need to do both but when you imagine no limits to what you can achieve, you fire up all of yourself.

Imagine no limits to what you can achieve -- Just do it, O.K.?

February, 10 2009

A great quote

I came across a quote today that has been attributed to Katherine Hepburn. She said, "Follow all the rules, miss all the fun."

After I laughed, the quote made me think. How often do I follow silly rules? How do I accept rules? Where do rules come from? When do they make sense? When should I ignore them when I don't.

Here's a silly rule -- don't wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day. I live in Northern Florida where the weather is often unpredictable. I know women, who follow the "no-white" rule even though it could be 90 in October and is often "summer" weather in March. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? That doesn't make sense. Plus white purses and white jackets have had a renaissance and aren't meant just for summer.

This isn't the only example of a silly rule by a long shot.

We need to question our rules -- who started them?; what purpose do they now serve?; how are they helpful? We really need to ponder what we do more and accept what others tell us less. I am by no means an anarchist. I also strongly adhere to rules of civility. But I know that change is required for us to grow and I believe that every rule is open for interpretation and adherence. Don't follow all the rules and DON'T miss all the fun.

February, 01 2009

Do Something

All of us become paralyzed into inaction from time to time. We don't know what to do and not one original thought seems to come to mind and so we don't do anything. This can be pervasive and affect us deeply -- we end up with nothing to show for a day's work (or longer.) It's awful. It happens. What to do? Do something. Do anything. Move! Take a step in some direction. I wish we could have a magic wand. We don't. The only answer to unclogging our "mindjam" is action. Like in any logjam as the debris swirls around, eventually, clearing happens. So too with the detritus in our psyche. And the sooner we get to breaking up the pile that is holding us back the better.

Here are some hints.

Pick out 5 words from a dictionary and start writing around those words. Write for a specified period of time. Sometimes an answer to a problem reveals itself.

Smell! Some fragrances have powerful connections for us. Cook something with a strong spice, make a salad with some herbs, pull out your spice rack and start sniffing.

Physically move -- Go for a walk in unfamiliar territory. Focusing on a new route and generating energy throughout the body can be productive.

Remember how temporary this can be and get going...

January, 22 2009


A lot of people have been talking about what history has said and will say about the events of this week. It has been quite a week -- very emotional, very exciting, very unforgettable.

I think it's personally instructive to think from time to time about what history would say about about our personal efforts. Billie Jean King said, "I gave my all for things I valued." I think she still does. We can each give our all for things that we value. And each time we do, we create a story, which will some day be our history.

For example, we know that Barack Obama has worked really, really hard to achieve this pinnacle of success. We know, too, that he is going to have to work perhaps even harder to meet his next set of goals. Hard work and talent -- they go together.

I love the example of Barack Obama. I love his values, his judgement, his clarity, his confidence, his leadership, his style. I hope we study his steadfastness, his intellect, his commitment for years to come. He is an inspiration. He is real. He is our president.

How did we get so lucky?

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