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January, 07 2009

Tranquil Persistence

Someone mentioned this term to me the other day and I thought it was a great thought for the new year. It may seem like an oxymoron to you -- tranquility meaning quiet and almost the absence of activity...and persistence indicating a stubborness to see a project through. When they go hand in hand, they bring out the best of us in any endeavor. This is because if we strive too much, we can lose our talent and skill in the "work" of it. And, if we just sit back and focus on our gifts, we aren't necessarily moving toward a goal or a finished project.

I always remember Florence Joyner, one of the fastest women runners in her day, who said that when she learned to relax, she could increase her speed.

The irony is that we can all get more by knowing where we are going and working toward it and letting go at the same time.

I hope this gives you something to think about -- it certainly has done that for me.

December, 18 2008

Time waits for everyone!

Most people say that "Time" waits for no one -- but in my experience, Time waits.

This is holiday time and I see a lot of people rushing around -- I talk to people who feel rushed and the media keeps referring to this "busy" time of year. It's true that we have added shopping, baking and social activities to our schedules, and I remember all too well how it felt to be stressed from all of the end of year obligations. But a long time ago, I learned a lesson from a very wise teacher, Robert Fritz, who wrote the book "The Path of Least Resistance." He taught me that time is relative and that I can learn to relax a whole lot more than I was used to at that time. It starts with the phrase, "Time is on my side." When I feel that familiar knot in my stomach when I'm hustling around, I say to myself..."Time is on my side." I've learned that time is relative -- watching an hour television program, which has me totally absorbed, flies by. Doing a chore I don't particularly care for takes suuuuuuuuuuch a long time. The five days that my granddaughter will visit me next week will be over before I know it. Five days with a cold and flu seem endless. Those are just a couple of examples of time relativity. You can honestly make this work FOR you.

Here's a suggestion for reducing a little of the tension in your life. Until the end of the year, whenever you feel that you will be late or you have so much on your plate that you think to yourself that it won't get done -- Say to yourself...Time is on my side. Take a deep breath and notice something pleasing near where you are sitting or standing. All I ask is that you see what happens.

You might be surprised.

December, 08 2008


Someone sent me a quote the other day that said that happiness is a learned skill. I couldn't agree more. People often will say that happiness is a choice...ewwwwwww, that doesn't sit so well with me because I know about people and situations and I think that saying happiness is a choice might be guilt-producing. BUT! If it's a skill, we can practice it, we can learn more about it and we can become more adept at creating more happiness in our lives. Those who know me now know that I am happy. I don't worry, I don't feel guilty and I automatically see the bright things in life. It isn't because I have the perfect life with gobs of money and all the "things" that most people believe bring happiness. It's pretty much because I've gotten a bit older and I have had the opportunity to study life and I have obviously practiced happiness and I, quite honestly, have it down. I'm happy. I observe this in myself and in others and I can tell you that learning happiness is like learning any other skill. You have to figure out how it feels. You need to know what triggers happiness in you. And when you do that, you can bring happiness upon yourself -- it's true. Once happy, you might laugh more often and more spontaneously but maybe not. It's an inner knowing mostly. Happy is what I am when I open my eyes in the morning -- now! (Not always.) Because for quite a while, I practiced this -- when I opened my eyes, I conjured up happy thoughts -- now they are just there. Happy is what I am when I talk to my children -- "what's new and wonderful?", I say. I love them and I am eager to talk to them and before I place the call I think about how happy I am that I will talk to them. This is what I mean by practice. And don't think for a minute that the practice takes away any of the enjoyment. It doesn't. It just means that I go into a more intense state of happiness and I am prepared with all I have to feel HAPPY. Will you prepare yourself for happiness? Will you think of how happy you can be and look for ways to be happy? Remember, practice makes perfect. I wish you happy days.

November, 24 2008

Good Action

I know that many of us overwork and that rest is important but I hear a lot of people bemoaning work lately.

We are meant to be in action. Work is divine. Good action brings satisfaction. Good action contributes to health. Good action brings happiness. It comes from the very essence of our being.

As we express our thanks this week, let's be thankful for all that we can do -- all that we can contribute -- all that we are.

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