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November, 17 2008

A Bigger Pie

When John Kennedy was asked about his then-controversial views on helping those less fortunate, he responded with a statement (and this may not be a direct quote) that he was not trying to give a bigger piece of the pie to the people who were most needy but that he was trying to get a bigger pie. The principle is -- If you help those less fortunate, they will become self-sufficient and they will build a bigger pie. We heard a lot about redistribution in the last election and we are hearing quite a bit now about helping the automobile industry. It's hard to even imagine that there is a discussion about this. This is America. This business is pivotal to everyone's well-being. AND, if we help them now and they become more determined and focussed than they are now, then we will have a bigger pie.

Why do I feel that so many people are not looking at solutions or trying to see a big picture? If we keep looking at our pain, all we are going to get is more pain. If we look at what is right about us and how we can use it in the future, we will find the answers.

There isn't a business or project that any one of us is involved in that isn't like General Motors in some way.

We all are looking for (or should be looking for) the bigger pie and if we find ways to support each other along the way, so much the better.

November, 05 2008


“Of a good leader, people say, ‘Look what he did.’ Of a great leader, people say, ‘Look what we did.’ ”
Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu.

Of all the e-mails I have received this morning, this quote sent to me by my friend Leni Gurin seems to sum up the message I heard last night in President-elect Barack Obama's speech. He GETS it! And, I'm so glad.

I feel inspired to do more and be more. I hope you do too.

I feel inspired to help more. I hope you do too.

I love being hopeful.

October, 23 2008

Your Health

I just want everyone I know to remember one thing: when you have your health you have everything. Therefore, the logical conclusion now and always is to take good care of yourself. With all the worry that is out there we need to remember to eat right, move well, and be creative about having fun. I honestly don't care what nutritional package you subscribe to as long as the foods that you put in your mouth are those that your body tells you are good for you. And MOVE! Do you like to walk or take an aerobics class or do yoga or pilates? Whatever you love -- that's the answer. And what do I mean about being creative about fun...I mean to search out the entertainment or activity that will bring you joy. It isn't what I like. It isn't necessarily what is promoted at the local Fine Arts Center -- it's again what makes your heart sing. Though I personally think it's fun to investigate, it might be that you go back to the same thing. Again, what matters the most is that it is your joy that counts. All of these contribute to your well being and when you feel good, you think right and when you think right, you see possibility and when you see possibility, solutions are never far behind.

October, 09 2008

What's Reality?

I'm all stirred up. I'll admit it. I was just out and I ran into two different individuals, who both said approximately the same thing -- "Boy, what's happening with the economy is scary, isn't it?" I said not really -- and they BOTH mentioned that the reality of our current situation is upsetting and I could tell they were annoyed with me that I wasn't going along with the general hysteria. What reality? Was it their personal financial loss that was upsetting them or the general media discussion of what is going on that they were referring to? My guess is that both of these individuals are going to be fine. They may lose some money or have to cut back on something they want but they are going to be all right. Thousands of people are losing their homes and that's awful but in most cases, they, too, have much to appreciate in their lives. Now I'm not discounting that these are unusual times. I just think we all ought to take our own "reality" check. How do you feel? Who is in your life that brings you pleasure? What can you do for fun right now? (My favorite question!) Is there something that you could do for someone else in the course of the day or some time this week that would improve their outlook? Inventory your already have a lot. Maybe this is the perfect time to give some of it away. If you have a computer, you can access entertainment, information, and make connections. Let's not be a flock of sheep at this moment -- I grant you that these events are unusual -- but if we have health, love, work, beauty, we'll work through it. Let's spread optimism -- why not?!?!

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