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February, 26 2008

"Dicey" situations

I am uncomfortable. I am going to tell someone something that I don't think he wants to hear. It's a silly situation. I've made an appointment and I've already seen a competitor of the person that I have now scheduled time with and while I want to see him too, I don't want him to think that I distrust him -- but I guess I did. Oh, it feels so complicated and awkward. Have I been dishonest in my dealings? I certainly have the right to consult with whomever I want -- right?

I'm not kidding -- this is a real situation. I am also a very straightforward person, who BELIEVES that you do what you must do and when you do whatever that is with integrity that everything will be just fine. AND, I still have an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach -- WHY??????

I'm not sure I know the answer here but I know that I must not back down from what I believe is best for me. I know that I will walk through the discomfort and do what I need to do. And here's the funniest part of all this -- the other person is likely not to care nearly as much as I think he will. I am likely expending too much energy on this from his perspective.

This isn't the first time I've had to take a less than safe path for my own well-being and it has tied me in knots -- can I finally make it the last?

February, 12 2008


Sometimes a few words says it all. We frequently see this in quotations that stick with us a long, long time. Here's one that said volumes to me: "The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, your nature with nature."
~ Joseph Campbell

That means we have to be quiet for longer periods of time than most of us are. We have to think about this. If you're a business person, you are not exempt. Wasn't Joseph Campbell inspirational. His DVD's, cd's, and tapes are still available.

February, 04 2008

Join Me In A Celebration of Life

Find your own no-worry zone and spend as much time within those boundaries as possible.

Describe your feeling of well-being and let the sensations mount. Make them stronger – then even stronger. Intensify while being totally comfort with the emotion.

Have a receptacle at your door and empty all gossip, negative statements and anger into it whenever you enter and sometimes when you leave.


Trust your creativity. Rejoice in your separateness and acknowledge your uniqueness.

Understand that love is a singular joy – it comes from you; it comes to you only when you feel worthy of receiving.

Trust in the messages that you sense – spirit talks all the time and when our inner knower is working full time, everything is easy as well as possible.

And finally…Believe in possibility, believe in the best of yourself and others and believe that happiness is your birthright.

January, 18 2008


Do you recognize when opportunity strikes? At a roundtable discussion a while back, I met a person, who absolutely responded when good fortune came knocking. Three times during the afternoon, he saw business land on his doorstep and he made sure each time that he took the necessary steps to secure the deal. At the same meeting, another person ignored a potential source of revenue. It presented itself twice and both times she seemed oblivious. I suspect that she was. I, too, have been "stupid" about receiving a new client or project. It was right under my nose but if it didn't look like I thought it would, or sound like I thought it would, I will admit it -- I have left money on the table. How silly can I get. The sad thing: I see it with friends and colleagues all the time. People leave hot prospects untapped; they leave easy sources of income unsolicited; they don't nurture a potentially helpful cohort. So much is made of marketing today -- it's what you hear at all networking functions and in the halls of business. Here's the deal...we all need to raise our antenna! We need to pay attention more and strategize less. We need to transfer what's under our nose into paying gigs. We have been led to believe that marketing is in the planning, which is certainly a good thing but often it's not in the planning -- we need to recognize what's upon us. Look up! See the customer/client/project, which is about to bite, it's so close. Be alive and in the moment -- eat right, and stay alert. Squeeze the essence from every situation. We may be expecting a miracle only to find that it's right next to us.

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