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January, 15 2007

Martin Luther King

It seems like only yesterday that I heard Dr. King on television. His whole speech at the Lincoln Memorial was not televised (Imagine!) but the famous quotes were and I have vivid memories of seeing the crowds and hearing his eloquent words. In those days everything was viewed in black and white (very, very few people had color sets -- that always surprises my grandchildren) and perhaps that contributed to the stark reality of the situation that Dr. King was addressing. My friends and I could not fathom why people were prejudiced. I still can't. But then, I can't understand those who oppose abortion rights. I can't understand why we are sending more troops to Iraq. I can't understand why people don't think homosexual partners should have the same rights that I do. There's lots I cannot understand. Do I think that I'm on the side of truth. Yep, I sure do. And when I'm not muddled with the passion of the topic, I see that the other side sees their truth too. But this I know for sure -- when we take away the rights of one, we take away the rights of all. Dr. King knew that he was on the side of truth. There is no other position about that. We must not discriminate because of the color of our skin -- we MUST not discriminate. Not ever. I'm glad that we have one day a year that reminds us of that fact. We are all equal. We all deserve the same opportunities. That's America! Remember that Osama Bin Laden -- you are wrong about discriminating. Remember that George Bush, you are wrong about that too. Isn't that interesting?

December, 29 2006

From the mouths of Babes

It was Christmas night. My daughters, son-in-law, and my two granddaughters had had a busy and wonderful day: Opening presents in the morning, seeing a movie in the early afternoon, then going ice-skating and having a traditional dinner (including the homemade eggnog.) We were in Denver, which had had a blizzard, so we revelled in the whole storybook, aren't-we-lucky-to-be-living this dream White Christmas. As night fell, we decided to go to the Denver Botanical Gardens and take a walk through the beautifully lighted special Holiday exhibition. As we bought tickets, the volunteer ushers handed my 9-year old granddaughter a pair of "3-D" glasses, which made the trees, bushes, and plants seem especially "glittery." Alex looked at her Aunt and with great emothion, said, "Awesome: I LOVE MY LIFE!." It was so heartfelt and sincere and it made me think: How often do we say to ourselves those words? This little one was in that special zone where time seems to stand still and nothing can be more perfect than it is in the very present. The truth is that living in the moment often can produce that feeling of joy mixed with gratitude mixed with a special connection to the Universe. In the several days since Alex uttered those words, I have thought those words and great feelings just permeate my whole being. As this year ends, I have so much to be grateful for -- such complete joy in so many moments -- so many blessings at every corner. I LOVE MY LIFE! You, too?

December, 09 2006

Moving On

This will be the last blog that I will likely write from Maryland. Today I head South and will eventually find my way to my new apartment in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. It's a really cold day here today so the mere thought of being in milder temperatures has me pleased about my decision. But such a big change was not based on a superficial desire to see higher readings on a thermometer. I have lived within 50 miles of the location from which I am typing this blog -- all my life. At one time, I thought that I was destined to live and expire from this area. However, situations change and I had the opportunity to really plan and create a design for my "final" act. In many ways, I feel that I was led to the Jacksonville area. It just spoke to me and matched my criteria as well as my likes and dislikes. Once I settle in, I will be looking for new work. I will be making new friends. I will be trying new activities. I will be living a different life. The blackboard is clean -- I can draw and erase and draw and erase as I see fit. I'm excited. I look forward to sharing with my friends and colleagues the adventures I have. I'm off. Hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful week. I will be in touch from Jacksonville!

November, 30 2006


I just bought a new laptop. It has bells and whistles my two-year old computer doesn't have. That means I have to get used to them. Then some of the gizmos (a technical term that older people use that makes their grandchildren cringe...) don't work -- like the mouse that is supposed to be connected wirelessly by the blue tooth (who came up up with that name?) Anyway, as I have gotten older, I find that my resistance to learning may have increased, and tolerating the idiosyncracies of equipment may have decreased. In other words -- I'm frustrated! Big-time! However, I'm not letting this struggle stop me. I know it will end soon and then I will have the benefit of a more up-to-date system. I also know that I will find someone somewhere who understands this better than I do and he/she will make it work when I can't. There was a time when I believed that I had to know the inner workings of such things as computers. I don't feel that way anymore -- that's for sure. Someone is an expert and I need to find that person, which sometimes has its challenges too. Anyway, what's the point you may be thinking? I feel that we just have to keep on keepin' on. It's easy these days to fall into overwhelm and give up too soon. I'm giving myself a good talking-to about moving through some obstacles right now. While I love life to be easy, I have to be sure that the obstacle is the machine -- maybe, it's ME!

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