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December, 17 2004

The zen of baking!

The zen of baking! I have been making cookies this week and what I have noticed is how present the process makes me. While measuring, rolling, cutting, designing -- my mind becomes focussed on the task at hand and I LOVE it. I love the fact that I'm living in the moment and the payoff is just great. I have been applying that little lesson to other parts of my life and I find that each time I give myself -- my mind and attention -- over to a task that I do it better and I enjoy it more. While I'm a great multi-tasker, I am now questioning whether handling a number of things at once shouldn't be kept in bounds. I sure am not ready to give up completely the way I juggle a life, business, and family -- I am just ready to take my cookie-baking lesson to heart and find more time to concentrate and be completely aligned with what I'm doing. Not just for my own sake, but also for the production I'm creating. Happy eating!

December, 07 2004

Our LIGHTS will come on.

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah -- a festival of lights celebrating a miracle in which one night's oil lasted for eight nights. People all over the world will be celebrating on this occasion -- what do you do to celebrate the many miracles which happen in your own life? Sometimes the little happenings I experience, which I cannot explain in any rational way, are treated with little respect. I've decided that they need celebrations too. Or at the very least, they deserve a special appreciation from me for making my life easier, more fun, or richer. And I can even light a candle of gratitude for the simple joys that I cannot explain. Happy Chanukah.
I was thinking this week about what I don't know and one word kept creeping into my thoughts -- it was "how." I know that I push the light switch to on and the light comes on -- I don't really know "how" that happens. I know that I have had great assignments, met terrific people, made a good amount of money, won some awards -- I don't really know "how" most of that happened in much the same way I don't know the connection between the light switch and all the wires which make the room glow. WHAT I DO happens as a result of my thoughts, dreams, goals, and preparation. I am a co-creator. I do my part and leave the "how" out of the equation. Someone said to me the other day -- "The phone can ring and your whole life can change in a blink." True. But we can get ready...we can expand our thoughts, we can set goals, we can push the right buttons,and by gosh...Our LIGHTS will come on.

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