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October, 25 2011


Statistics stink right at the moment. However, many business owners aren't looking at those facts and they could be doing just fine.

I hope you love the business you are in. I hope that you enjoy (at least most of the time) your clients. I hope that at the end of every week you feel fulfilled while at the same time being pretty spent from doing your job @ 100%. I hope you look forward to the next week.

I know that business owners are under the gun more now than perhaps at any time in the last 50 years but I also know we had periods in the 70's and 80's that were just as challenging.

It's about focus and persistence and drive and energy.

Hang in there.

And, it helps when one is secure in his/her mission and committed to providing service.

No wise words for today...

September, 05 2011

About Labor Day

I am someone who makes a commitment to looking forward but today is Labor Day and I'm going to take a moment to look back -- to look back on a time less than 100 years ago when people worked around the clock without benefits of any kind (no such thing as paid vacation for example) and for whatever their employer decided was the going rate of pay at the moment. A movement was started, which later became known as the Labor Movement, which became representative of the worker.

Among the most shocking aspects of the drive toward workers' rights was the way women were treated -- men had it bad -- women had it worse! I know that my children and grandchildren have barely an idea of how bad the employment situation was in the early to mid-20th century. Nor do they even know how poor conditions were for the American worker. My family can become teary-eyed thinking about workers' conditions in other parts of the world when just a short time ago (my lifetime) it was barely bearable in this country.

Many people in this day and age hold negative opinions about "Labor" and the Labor movement and that is quite a shame. We should continue to celebrate the achievements that unions have made. Are there some abuses? Maybe. That doesn't mean throwing the baby out with the bath water. Bring pressure if you wish for reform but recognize the mission of the Labor movement. Understand the need to protect the most vulnerable. Continue to fight for the values of those who do so much for all of us.

August, 08 2011

Living life fully

My granddaughter tweeted 14 minutes ago that she was about to go skydiving in Hawaii -- she couldn't think of a better thing to do on her last day there. I can't think of anything better for her to do either. EXCITING...I don't do nearly as many thrillling and dangerous activities as I used to and that's really a shame. It seems to me that we have a "risk" muscle -- the more we use it, the stronger it gets. The reverse is true too. The less we use it, the flabbier it becomes until even the simplest routines seem threatening. We need to keep ourselves vital and alive in many areas of our lives. This takes commitment and courage. Just a reminder.

July, 27 2011


On a recent Sunday morning, Dean Koontz, the author of hundreds of books, ( was asked in an interview how he created so much written material. He said (and I may be paraphrasing slightly) that imagination was like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. My, oh, my…that answer of his set off a loud “BOING” in my head.

Imagination – how was my imagination? More to the point, when did I last spend time imagining? I couldn’t think of a recent instance when I actually spent time that was purposely devoted to imagining. I think I have let my “imagining” muscle get a little flaccid – and that’s too bad.

About three months ago, I encouraged our writing group to write a short (about 600 words) fictional piece. I remember now that I just loved doing mine. It allowed me a freedom that I hadn’t experienced in a while – I was actually imagining!

As a child I was a wild “imaginer.” We lived in the country. None of our neighbors had children so I often walked alone through the pretty fields and gardens. My mind was always working -- I imagined. Some of my grade school playmates were of modest means and when we played in the woods, we built imaginary structures. We then used our imaginations a lot. It’s such a shame that as an adult I have given so little importance to imagination.

Assuming that Dean Koontz is correct – if we imagine more, it will increase our ability to imagine even more – it seems imperative that we take on this task. It is good for us to have strong imagination muscles, which help us think of options for our real lives – which help us think of solutions – which enhance our everyday ability to have fun.

It would probably be good if we cut back on television and allowed ourselves some “nothing” time in which we could automatically imagine.

We can pretend. (While I may no longer want to be a princess, I still have the opportunity to conjure up other images for myself.) We can focus on an item and imagine other ways to use it. I can imagine myself in faraway places. I admit it – I need work in this area because I even have trouble imagining what I could imagine.

I salute you Dean Koontz – I subscribe fully to your belief -- Imagination is like a muscle and I am convinced that the more I use it the stronger it will become. That’s a very good thing!

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