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July, 09 2011

The effect of fear

Being afraid is costing us! We need optimism to succeed.

Television, radio and the media generally (blogs, papers, twitter, etc.) produce dread and gloom to such an extent that we lose what the reality is in any given situation.

A LOT of people have been elected to office by scaring their constituency about their opponents and their views.

We are used to being frightened.

HELP! This isn't the world I was born into (I'm 73). Even though we had a World War then and my folks lost people in the holocaust, my family enjoyed laughing. They listened to the radio and watched films in movie theaters and they were not besieged with a repeated message of continuous horror.

Let's get some perspective. Turn OFF the TV. Be judicious about what you read and listen to. Hang out with happy people. Read fiction.

Everyone needs to fend for a balanced approach to information for themselves. Believe me, right now it's hard to find many who aren't out of kilter. Work at this and it will pay dividends...

June, 08 2011

Last year was surprising great!!!

I heard the statement, "last year was surpisingly good," more frequently than you can imagine from October through December. Many businesses, which were expecting to have the worse year ever because they read the Wall Street Journal every day, did very well. Some even had their best year EVER. Their owners grinned all the way to the bank but they did little more.

Why did life seem so good for them when Giants on Wall Street were in such trouble.

It was an interesting fact that Main Street lagged behind Wall Street. Many business owners (certainly not all) just counted their blessings and kept on doing what they had been doing.

They didn't analyze where their money was coming from or why their bottom line looked so good and NOW (two years later!) -- many are experiencing very tough times.

In some cases, these businesses didn't not tighten ship when the reports came in. The owners kept on people who were not producing. They may not have paid attention to the problems that some of their clients were voicing. The list could go on but it is not unusual to see delayed reactions to the economy that was the worst recession that we have seen since the 30's.

We don't have to be doom and gloom to keep expenses down. We can be confident and prudent at the same time. The lessons are important. Take heed.

May, 11 2011

How much do you love what you do?

What would it take for you to have excitement and joy in your business or on the job?

This is no idle question.

We work for money, of course. But we need to consider our health and well being.

We need to love our lives. Yes, they will often be stressful. Yes, we will have those days. And we can notice what pleases us and how best we can utilize our brilliance.

Everyone has a uniqueness. Building on that increases our productivity and pleasure.

Joseph Campbell used to say, "Follow Your Bliss."

Just a reminder.

April, 21 2011

Inquiring minds will find out!

Inquiry is a very useful tool. Lately I have noticed how often individuals rush to an answer as if that serves a purpose. Hanging out with our questions is a good thing and we don't do it enough.

Albert Einstein said, "The level of problems that exist in the world cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them."

Yet that is what so many of us do all the time. We keep trying to fix something -- we rush in with the same old solutions that we have used over and over and expect a different result. It won't happen.

Ask questions. Ask a lot of questions. When you are frustrated with what to do -- put it in the form of a positive question.

Questioning does require some skill. Ask what you don't know with the attitude that an answer will come -- because it does. Ask and then do something else. If you are only asking because you have some pre-conceived notion of what the answer will look like that will not lead to innovation or creativity. ASK -- really ask. We have somehow ignored this important tool in many ways and it is a shame because learning was originally based on asking questions. Science still asks. Medicine asks. But it isn't just the elite few who should be questioning. It's all of us in every line of work.

Ask questions -- the magic comes with the answers that are not expected.

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