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March, 16 2011


I know the economy has changed. I know about customer service. I know marketing.

I ALSO know that you have to ask for the business. You don't have to be obnoxious about it but you need to make sure that you are doing what you need to do to maintain your workload. it is my observation that more people leave business on the table because they don't understand how much it is up to them to ASK!

How often do you see that when you are the purchaser? It has happened to me recently in a restaurant, a sports club, and with personal services.

I used to have a fabulous woman, who worked magic on my old body. (She has moved that's why it is in the past tense.) She was great at making me feel terrific and she was equally great about the business aspects of her work. I enjoyed setting another appointment with her and I always asked her how much I owed her and she was always ready with her book and the specific time that had elapsed since I had met with her. I appreciated this.

I had a great lawn service guy come to my house. I lost his number and name. I've tried finding it but never have. Meanwhile, he has never called or sent me a note asking if I want him to return.

This is a huge business mistake and it occurs all the time.

I just wanted to give you another friendly reminder -- ASK for business.

February, 23 2011

Everything is erupting

What do we do when the whole world (quite literally at this moment) seems to be going crazy?

Yesterday I met with a woman, who had almost cancelled because her cable connection went out. She was UPSET! That wouldn't have bothered me nearly so much as it bothered her. We all different thresholds of tolerance for that kind of "stuff."

I have had issues with my car and that causes me great consternation.

One of my clients had an issue with a business associate that was nasty and it had her on her knees.

None of us ill ever be free of trouble. It comes with this life and it comes to everyone. We tend to like "theirs" more than "ours" but we somehow get what we can handle and/or what we need to learn from. (I honestly think I have not a thing to learn from my car's electronic system but I could be wrong.)

All we can do is the best that we can do. Take a breath and work through what is occurring.

May all of our tomorrows be less complicated.

January, 03 2011

Business This Year

A businessperson in 2011 must expect to be more creative, innovative and original than ever before. Many a small business is succeeding -- many a small business lives on the edge -- many a small business is diversifying. I know we had days in the late 90's and early part of the 21st century, where it seemed as if all you had to do was throw a hook in the water and it came out with a fish and for those, who have had most of their business experience in this period of time, what exists now is especially confusing. But it is what it is and I love seeing that many small businesses are figuring this out better than ever.

Good news. This is a fun time to be business. It requires leaps of faith, strong imaginations, hard work. People are more discerning before they buy and they require good and honest sales techniques.

To maximize your efforts, I recommend that you start your own mastermind group with participants who can help each other. Meet regularly and talk energetically about what you can do (NEVER let a group degenerate into the negative.) Find ways to find the excitement in 2011. It's there and you can make a lot happen in this time. Good Luck.

December, 23 2010

Embrace Uncertainty

Uncertainty is not a bad thing though it is often uncomfortable. Businesses as well as individuals hate it. WE WANT TO KNOW! We'll even take bad news over no news.

In the 80's, John Naisbitt wrote in his book, Megatrends, about the period between the parentheses. To illustrate: we have the "before" and then we have ( ) and then we have the after. We know what the before was like and we know that the "after" might contain some suppositions but when we are the period between the parentheses, we don't have much guidance. Further we don't know how long this is going to last.

Leadership, maturity, courage, decision-making...these are called for in the period between the parentheses.

Much of our anxiety since 2006 has been because we are "not-knowing" about the economic outcome.

For eight years, the Congress and the administration under George Bush spent a lot of money and so did individuals and corporations, banks and financial institutions. We had a big "ooooooooops" and everyone moved into the period between the parentheses. We're certainly not out of it yet.

What to do? We can work hard, be as peristent as possible, take risks, and accept the status quo with far less judgment. Many people are complaining about how difficult everything is for them and for many, it has been an unprecedented period of stress, but let's accept what we have and make plans for our future while being grateful for the lessons we are learning right ( here...........).

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