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November, 07 2010

Are we becoming smarter or dumber?

I am frustrated. I have lived quite a few years and as I was growing up and building a career I sought the smartest people I could find to: learn from, model, emulate, and admire! What I have been noticing lately is that many people allow some kind of jealousy to override admiration. I have observed case after case where individuals do not see excellence as the level to which to achieve but they seem to be seeking a comfort level in which "not-knowing" is the greater desire. Awwwwwwww come on...

In the very early 80's, John Naisbitt wrote a book called Megatrends. In it he explained the "Giant/Pigmy" syndrome. He was speaking to managers in business and he talked about hiring practices. He said (and I'm paraphrasing from memory) that if you hire someone weaker than you than they will likely hire someone weaker than them and then on down the line and you will have an organization of pigmies. If you hire a stronger person than you, you will build an organization of giants.

I'm taking that thought a little further. If you admire weakness rather than strength, the same will happen. If you do not push yourself to do activities, which seem out of your reach, you will settle for being less than you could be.

It is important that we become as bright, well-read, interesting, dynamic as we can be. It is important that we admire those who are the best and the brightest also.

Each of us can take responsibility for reversing the current trend (laziness and sloth?) and build seriously high expectations for our civic leaders, our business leaders, our neighbors and friends.

Study, Execute, Be Bold, Be Passionate! Yes, you. Yes, me.

September, 28 2010

The secret for success

Eliminate fear! Yep, that's it. Really. Fearlessness is the secret to success in business.

I have been watching the politicians in this state -- they believe that the one who creates the most fear in the heart of his/her constituents wins and that's actually right. Makes no sense but it has become accurate.

It's especially true in business. When you are afraid, you are controlled by the economy and by your competition. Who wants THAT????

When you are afraid, you lose your edge. When you are afraid, you lose your creativity. When you are afraid, you lose your drive. When you are afraid, you become tired and lethargic.

Can you overcome fear? You bet you can. You can practice this. You can harness your boldness -- YES, you can.

Lots of books have been written on this subject. If you are confused by the "how" to do this, check out, "Feel Your Fear and Do It Anyway." It was written a long time ago but it will always hold true.

I know for sure that I know this secret. And, I know it will work for you. If you let go of your fear, your smartest self will find the answers you need.

Now that you know, don't ever go back to being timid again.

September, 20 2010

Optimism in Business

We all know how important optimism is to the stock market -- well, it's that important to a small business too. Your clients and colleagues want to see the positive side of you and your team. Pollyanna? Maybe. It's a major component of making you (your business) irresistible. People will glom onto you if you feel good and you make them feel good. Sound too simplistic? Not at all. It's important.

Someone was talking to me the other day about the economy and, if he said it once, he may have said it 5 times -- the economy is in trouble and that's a fact...


Don't think that way! We are the most prosperous nation on earth and we have resources we haven't touched yet and we can make something from almost nothing. People are very clever, you know.

Let's keep looking at a glass half-full. Let's keep our creativity working at peak levels. Let's use every entrepreneurial instinct we have to keep innovating. We have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to do great things, soooooooooooooooooo go do them.

August, 05 2010

It's hot...

It's hot nearly everywhere. In the United States, we have become spoiled by air conditioning and many other creature comforts and I'm wondering what it has done to us.

Yesterday I took my God-Daughter and her family, which includes a 2 year-old boy and a 9 year-old girl to the Washington, DC zoo. Yes, it was beastly hot -- the grown-ups talked about that incessantly and the younger ones hardly noticed because they were totally intrigued with the creatures big and small.

I love to remember that up until I was a teenager, I cannot remember ever noticing the weather. Certainly I was hot (we didn't have air conditioning) and cold (pictures show me frolicking in the snow but I was barely aware of either.

What is life like without noticing the weather?

I will bet that I had an easier time focusing on issues, which were more important to my life, education, family, work. I never want to go back in time but I do want to be conscious of who I have become and I think that little 9 year-old yesterday taught me a great lesson.

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