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About Beth Cole
Beth Cole
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Beth Cole is a business leader with more than 25 years experience bringing innovative solutions and results-oriented projects into fruition. As president and CEO of the Women’s Business Center, she helped direct the organization to grow strategically and wisely. She increased the revenues of the organization by 30 % for three consecutive years, and increased the number of clients by 20 %. Over her five year tenure, she helped hundreds of businesses start, grow and succeed.

As a consultant to non-profit organizations, she raised significant dollars, increased memberships, and organized and ran numerous events.

She ran a national awareness campaign, which doubled the listenership of a national radio network.

For a new fast-growing business of more than $21M, she developed management procedures and public relations tools, which helped increase its growth in the succeeding year by another $10M.

She has engineered strategic alliances, orchestrated new programs, and counseled hundreds of small business clients.