Beth Colle | Small Business Advisor :D
Laugh and Live Large


Laugh more. It's fun.

So far, I haven't told you anything you don't know already. But here's what's new…you can laugh without jokes... you can laugh without props…you can just LAUGH. And I can show you how.

I'm Beth Cole and I'm a Certified Laugh Leader**, Small Business Advisor, Coach, and Speaker. I also design and facilitate workshops, write articles and pursue outstanding performance for myself and my clients as well as inject FUN into our lives.

Recently I was asked to attend a Board Meeting of an Association because one of the officers of the organization had experienced a laughter session that I led and she wanted to bring more togetherness to the volunteer board. It worked. It really worked. In the weeks following, communication has more than doubled with e-mails and phone calls among members, and I have heard anecdotes about the improved quality of the interactions.

I worked with a small business, which was having issues with a couple of staff members. We talked, did a couple of "staff" exercises, and then we laughed. It was a WOW! People, who rarely smile with each other, were laughing and enjoying each other's company for the first time.

Anyplace can be a good venue for Laughing. My client list includes businesses, non profits, associations and clubs. I can do as little as 10 minutes of laughing or put together a strategic business session that includes laughing.

Call or write to find out what LAUGHTER can do for you and your organization.

** (P.S. – I'm not kidding... The World Laughter Tour has given me its certification.)