Beth Cole | Small Business Advisor Laugh and Live Large :)

Let me custom-design a Laughter Session for you!

We will discuss the goals of your organization, plan content for the meeting's participants, and highlight and incorporate laughter into the gathering.

Here's what will happen:

  • The Happiness Quotient will be greatly increased
    People think you need to be happy to laugh NOT SO! You can laugh to be happy. It works.

  • Communication will be improved. Study after study proves that our non-verbal interaction is more powerful than our verbal. Only a fraction of our words penetrate our listener. Much more of who we are is exchanged through our physical actions and no studies have yet been done about laughing as a means of getting to know one another better but it happens.

  • You will be offering a Stress Reducer to your organization. People who have issues with each other will instead be Laughing with each other.

  • Your organization will feel better because Laughing is healthy. Studies have shown that laughing boosts your immune system, stimulates circulation, increases the flow of oxygen to all of your muscles INCLUDING the brain. There is NO down side.

Beyond the immediate benefits, my Laughter Sessions provide lasting benefits for the organization:

  • It's a unique shared experience
  • It's a great equalizer
  • Laughter increases productivity.

Recently, Laughter sessions have been seen on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," as well as "Wife Swap." On NBC, the TODAY Show had a segment with a Laughter Leader from Florida. The Washington Post ran an article about the use of Laughter at Georgetown Hospital for staff members.

Laughter is being recognized for its intrinsic value and it's about time.

Beth Cole is currently available in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area for in-person sessions. She will consult by phone in setting up meetings in your area, and is available to travel to your site or call on another Laughter Leader to execute a get-together in your location.