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July, 06 2015

Why getting lost is really getting found

My dearest yoga teacher found herself geographically lost returning from a week-end trip to lead her yoga class. She told us that she was sure that she would be late and she berated herself for miles for making a foolish mistake. It made me think back to all of the times that I have found myself in unfamiliar territory as a result of my own doing and I realized how much I gained from each experience of being lost.

In Paris with my 12 year old granddaughter I became hopelessly lost in the evening on a road less travelled and we ended up finding the best restaurant of our trip...I was once lost on an unfamiliar piece of road outside of Tampa when I was en route to a plane...I made the flight and I learned somehow that, if I hadn't, I was still going to be just fine...airplanes left from Tampa to DC with regularity -- how big a deal was it?

Really how big a deal is it ever when we, ourselves, "screw" up. It's the human experience to make mistakes. Learning from them can mark the best of times. Usually we NEVER learn when everything moves along perfectly. The lessons, the knowledge about our resourcefulness, our creativity are borne of situations that mostly we didn't want or expect.

So say Hallelujah when we make trouble for ourselves and then get out of it. I should quote the great gospel song that the president just sang so eloquently and at just the right time for all of us..."I was lost but now I'm found." Hooray!

May, 22 2014

A favorite inspirational quote of mine

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Ghandi speaks to me! I love this quote. It sums up in two lines a profound, doable intention.

I decided that this mantra is so important that I'm placing copies of it all over my house, on the dash of my car, and in odd places where I will often be reminded.

I have printed it large and small, in color and black and white -- I'm even contemplating a three dimensional version.

To me it is that important. As I begin each day, I declare my decision to live life to the fullest. I will give every ounce of myself to the tasks at hand and the people I see.

Further, I will commit to being the best person that I can be and I will continue to learn new ways to achieve that.

I remember maybe 20 years ago that I thought that learning was finite -- the term, lifelong learning, had perhaps been invented but I hadn't heard it. I probably held onto the belief that learning was for the young and it was my time to "use" what I had already learned. That's just simply not so -- I continue to learn and am pleased that I'm not satisfied with what I already know.

It takes some doing to be a lifelong learner -- I may, from time to time, need to associate with different people who challenge my assumptions -- I may need to speak up for my values even when others would prefer that I not do that -- I will often have to leave my comfort zone -- THERE IS SO MUCH I DON'T KNOW! And that's the best news of all.

I share this quote with you with the hope that it moves you to take some new action that you may not have taken if you had not just read it...

I repeat: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

May, 13 2014

Paralysis by Analysis

If we think too hard and long about doing something, we are, at best, WASTING our time. Far be it from me to suggest that we never develop a strategy for implementation but way too often we consider too many factors or we confuse ourselves to such an extent that we become ineffective or at best we are slowed down.

To use a very simple example -- I have a friend, who not only keeps her home immaculately clean but she has even had a housecleaning business for a time. However, she takes many factors into consideration before she begins a chore -- she talks it to death. I pointed out to her if she just began, the task would be completed by the time she had finished talking to herself about it.

To some degree this is a gender issue -- women take longer than men -- I'm just being an honest woman. I do like the fact that feminine people examine a variety considerations. We need to realize that mistakes can be made no matter how long we discuss what needs to be done and what the best way is to do it.

I have many clients who often begin a session with "how." Many times I am sure that they would figure out what to do if they just started the work and let it proceed in its natural steps.

We have a fear of failure that causes us to retreat when it would be appropriate to move forward.

So...what to do? Pay attention to this behavior and then convince yourself to "begin." This is a case where identifying the culprit can pay wonderful dividends. And, as always, lighten up and have some fun!

April, 02 2014

I don't like change

And I didn't know that yesterday as well as I do today. Go figure.

A neighbor gave me his two year-old computer -- a desktop -- so I decided that it was smart to replace my 7 year-old laptop for the newer system.

I had help with the transfer but I am still getting used to this new system and I haven't handled the change as well as I could have :redface:

What happens to us when an unfamiliar button is pushed? First there is the initial reaction: I, for one, start with a strange sensation in the pit of my stomach -- then my shoulders tense and start heading upwards toward my ears -- then my breathing resembles an old dog panting -- HELP! That's the extreme version.

With some things, I take change very well but certainly not with all or maybe even most. And the interesting thing is how important it is for us to accept change since, as we all know, change is the constant.

I'm grateful to have a new faster, more up to date computer but I may be even more grateful for the insight that I've just gleaned.